Gifts for French-lovers

Whether it's Christmas, birthday, or you just fancy treating yourself, here are some suggested gifts for those interested in French language and culture. If you decide to buy one of the products via the links on this page, please check the seller's product description to make sure that the item is exactly what you want.

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French on your fridge

Produce the next poetic masterpiece on your fridge. Or just practise saying that your dog smells. For those that find the urge to cover your fridge with sentences of French, these are for you. OK, you know who you are...

Scrabble en français

With the PC version of the classic word board game, you can play in both English and French. This new version features an updated user interface and artificial intelligence.

 Buy Scrabble 2007 from the UK


For bookworms that live in the US, various French literature classics are available on the Kindle electronic book device. Works are available both in the original French and in translation. (Note: available in the US only.)

French board games

To practise your French vocab the fun way, check out the French versions of these word-based board games.

For something less word-oriented, how about a French monopoly set...?

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