French Vocab Games for iPhone:
Audio pronunciation features

On this page, we explain the various places in which pronunciation is now integrated into the various activities available in French Vocab Games 2 for iPhone/iPad.

N.B. Pronunciation is only available in version 2.0 upwards. If you have an earlier version of French Vocab Games installed, you must first go to the App Store on your device and choose to update it. All updates are free of charge.

Speech Icon

Accessing speech: basic principle

The basic principle is that wherever you see the speech icon (right), you may tap it to access the French pronunciation feature:

The speech dialog

When you first select to pronounce a particular word, the speech dialog opens (right) depicting a face. The word will start to be pronounced and the face will be lip-synced to the pronunciation in order to help show you in particular the lip positions required to pronounce the various vowels in the word.

Once the word has been pronounced once, you can opt to hear it again by tapping the speech icon that appears inside the dialog, or close the dialog by pressing the red cross.

While listening to the French pronunciations, watch the lips for clues about how to pronounce the different vowels. Notice how the lips are highly rounded for the "u" vowel, and spread for the "i" vowel.