Layout of the Topics Menu

French Vocab Games: topics menu

This page describes the Topics menu of the French Vocab Games app.

From the app's home screen, tapping the Topics button takes you to the Topics menu. The Topics menu serves two essential purposes:

As with any menu on the iPhone/iPad, use your finger to scroll or flick up or down to see other topics not currently visible (in the current version, there are approximately 20 topics in total).

Vocab topic selection

As you've probably guessed, the tick or cross by each topic name indicates if that topic is selected. You can have any combination of topics selected or unselected, provided that you have at least one topic selected by the time you press Done. The button in the top right will display Select all or Deselect all (depending on whether or not all topics are selected at a given moment) to help you with selection.

If you leave more than one topic selected, then during games and activities, vocabulary will be selected at random from all of the topics. The words from the different topics are mixed together, with the following exceptions:

Note that when you have more than one topic selected, in any given game/activity, choice of items from the selected topics is weighted so that you get more practice at topics on which you have achieved a lower proportion of correct answers in previous games.

Layout of topic progress bar

Topic progress

Once a particular topic has been used at least once in an activity, a small bar appears next to the topic name, as illustrated opposite.

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