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Click on one of the vocabulary topics in the list below to print some free vocabulary flash cards to help you learn the given topic. If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you may also be interested in the French vocab games app now available.

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 French flash cards: Around Town
Vocab covered: common buildings.
 French flash cards: Basic Adjectives
Themes include basic descriptions.
 French flash cards: Clothes
Vocabulary topics include clothes.
 French flash cards: Computers and the Internet
Themes include the Internet and using a computer (including basic parts of a computer).
 French flash cards: Daily Routine
Themes include work or school routine.
 French flash cards: Food
Vocabulary topics include basic meat, fruit and veg.
 French flash cards: Function Words
Vocabulary topics include basic 'glue' words such as articles, prepositions and very basic verb forms.
 French flash cards: Health
Vocab covered: basic health and hygiene.
 French flash cards: Money
Vocabulary topics include money.
 French flash cards: People and Family
Themes include people and family members.
 French flash cards: School
Vocab covered: school subjects and types of school.
 French flash cards: Shopping
Vocabulary topics include basic shopping vocabulary and names of shops/stores.
 French flash cards: Time phrases
Themes include phrases related to time, days of week etc.

Don't want to print your own?

If you don't have a printer or don't want to spend time preparing your own flash cards, then several publishers offer ready-printed flash cards.

Own an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?

Why not download our French vocab games app for your iPhone, iPad or iPhone Touch? As well as a flash card mode, it contains various other games to help you learn and revise your basic French vocabulary.

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