French Linguistics

French dictionary

French dictionary containing around 70,000 headwords, 20,000 French compounds and expressions and around 30,000 technical terms from the public domain DGT glossaries and allowing both French-English and English-French lookup.

French vocab games for iPhone/iPad

Learn and revise your basic French vocab on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

French translation service

This site's professional translation service, for cases where machine translation isn't suitable because you need a correct and idiomatic translation produced by a human expert. Free machine translation is also available to allow you to get the gist of a French text, or decide which parts of a longer text are worth spending money on to get an accurate translation.

French language forum

Get your questions answered about the French language, French grammar, vocabulary, French culture, French teaching resources— or just have a discussion about these topics.

French grammar

Guides to various topics of French grammar. Popular topics include the present tense of French verbs, the French subjunctive and our guide to irregular verbs. Plus find out how to translate some of those awkward little words such as will and would.

French store: products for francophiles

A selection of recommended books, CDs, DVDs and software for those learning French or interested in French culture.

French vocab flash cards

Print your own flash cards to help you learn French vocabulary.

Basic French (French phrases)

A number of French phrases and basic French vocabulary, with phonetic transcriptions and English translations. This section also has links to on line games specific to the particular areas of vocabulary.

French crossword games

Reinforce your vocabulary learning with these on-line crossword games.

French wordsearch games

If crosswords aren't your cup of tea, try these wordsearches instead.

Book reviews

Reviews of various books, software and other products aimed at those learning and using French.

French pronunciation

Overview of how to pronunce French.

Also available on this site

French grammar information including interactive guides:

Miscellaneous resources

For news and update information, keep an eye on the French Linguistics development blog.

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