Play this wordsearch game based on your chosen category of French vocabulary. Controls should appear below this paragraph allowing you to select the size of wordsearch that you would like to play. Once you are happy with your selection, click New Grid to start playing. See below for more instructions on how to play.

If you want to play the word searches on paper, some French wordsearches are also available in PDF format for free download from this site.

N.B. For the game to work, your browser must have a Java plugin installed that is compatible with Java 5 or later.

Wordsearch topics:  Around Town  Colours  Adjectives  Fruit/Veg  People  Shopping  Transport

How to play

Once you have chosen your grid size and clicked New Grid, a window should open showing a grid of letters plus a list of words down the left hand side. This is of course the list of words hidden in the grid. As you find the words, they will be greyed out in the list.

  • When you think you've located a word, click the mouse over the first letter of the word. The letter will be highlighted.
  • Then click the mouse over the last latter.
  • If you correctly identified a word, it will be crossed out in the grid and greyed out in the list.
  • Continue doing this until you have found all the words!

If you are playing on a touchscreen or interactive whiteboard, you should be able to touch the letters instead of clicking with the mouse. Note that for display purposes you can also increase the font size of the words in the list by clicking on the zoom buttons above the list.

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