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Information for publishers and advertisers

The French Linguistics site is visited by over 500,000 people every month who are interested in the French language. If you are selling a language-related product that you think might be relevant to this audience, then you may be able to advertise your product on the site.

This page aims to answer questions relating to advertising and reviews on the French Linguistics web site. Please also see:

 Complaints and feedback procedures

How do I advertise on the French Linguistics web site?

French Linguistics supports two kinds of advertising: pay-per-click and pay-per-impression:

Advertising schemeCostHow to set upAdvantagesDisadvantages
Pay-per-clickFrom a few cents to a few dollars per click, depending on your bid.Via Google's AdWords program.
  • Small initial outlay; you can cease bidding at any time.
  • The "cost per sale" of your advertising can be calculated.
  • You have less control over when and where your advertisements will be displayed, and thus how much "general exposure" your company, school or product will get.
Pay-per-impressionFrom 200 USD/50,000 impressions.Contact
  • Good for giving "general exposure" to your product or establishment, for example when you want "decision makers" to see your ad even though they themselves may not purchase immediately.
  • When and where your advert appears is more predictable.
  • Larger up-front commitment (minimum USD 200).
  • "Cost per sale" is less tangible.

If you are selling a book or software product, instead of direct advertising, you may wish to consider having your product reviewed on the site (see below).

How do I contact the site authors?

You can contact the main author at If you are contacting about advertising, please see the information and e-mail address above. See the contact via e-mail link. Please read the information below before contacting the author regarding reviews or advertising!

How do I get my book/product featured on the site?

We will generally consider reviewing any book or product which:

Please note that review copies are sent at the publisher's expense and are non-returnable. Depending on the publisher's country and/or assigned reviewer, this may require international delivery. For more details, please contact

How do I complain about a factually incorrect product review?

For more information, see the information on complaints and feedback.