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French Phrases: parts of the body

This page gives French words for the main parts of the body. Note that parts of the body in French are usually used with the definite article (le, la or les), even though in English, you'd often use a possessive (my, his etc).

Face and neck

la tête-the head
le visage-the face
les cheveux-the hair
le front-the forehead
les yeux-the eyes
un oeil-the eye
le nez-the nose
les joues (f)-the cheeks
les oreilles-the ears
les lèvres (f)-the lips
la bouche-the mouth
les dents (f)-the teeth
la langue-the tongue
le menton-the chin
le cou-the neck
la nuque-the nape, back of the neck
la gorge-the throat
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The upper body

le dos-the back
les épaules (f)-the shoulders
la poitrine-the chest
les seins (m)-the breasts
les bras-the arms
les coudes (m)-the elbows
le ventre-the belly
les mains (f)-the hands
les doigts (m)-the fingers
les ongles (m)-the fingernails
le pouce-the thumb
le poignet-the wrist
la hanche-the hip
l'abdomen-the abdomen
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The legs and lower body

les fesses (f)-the backside, buttocks
les jambes (f)-the legs
les cuisses (f)-the thighs
les genoux (m)-the knees
les chevilles (f)-the ankles
les talons (m)-the heels
les pieds (m)-the feet
les orteils (m)-the toes
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