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Introduction to French adjectives (with on-line exercises):

Verb conjugations

Click on the links below to see full conjugation tables of some common regular and irregular French verbs.

aimerto like, love (regular -er verb)
mangerto eat (semi-regular pattern for -ger verbs)
commencerto begin (semi-regular pattern for -cer verbs)
s'appelerto be called (pronominal, semi-regular)
arriverto arrive (regular but takes être)
finirto finish (regular -ir verb)
attendreto wait (regular -re verb)
avoirto have (common irregular verb)
êtreto be (common irregular verb)
faireto do, make (common irregular verb)
pouvoirto be able to (common irregular verb)
vouloirto want (common irregular verb)
devoirto ought to; to owe (common irregular verb)
allerto go (common irregular verb)
venirto come (irregular; takes être)
prendreto take (common irregular verb)

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