French Phrases: French professions: creative, technical and performing arts

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un acteur-an actor
une actrice-an actress
un acteur enfant-a child actor
un(e) architecte-an architect
un(e) artiste-an artist
un chanteur-a male singer
une chanteuse-a female singer
un(e) cinéaste-a filmmaker
un compositeur-a male composer
une compositrice-a female composer
un(e) dessinateur (-trice)-a (drawing) artist; a draughtsman, technical drawer
un dessinateur de mode-a fashion designer
un dessinateur humoristique-a cartoonist
un écrivain-a writer
un modèle-a model
un(e) musicien(ne)-a musician
un(e) photographe-a photographer
un sculpteur1-a sculptor
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1. Be careful of the pronunciation of sculpteur: the p isn't pronounced!

Names of musicians in French

In a similar way to English, it is common in French to use the suffix -iste to refer to a musician playing a particular instrument. Here are some common terms:

un(e) batteur (-euse)-a drummer, percussionist
un(e) clarinettiste-a clarinettist
un(e) flûtiste-a flautist, flutist; a recorder player
un(e) guitariste-a guitarist
un(e) organiste-an organist
un(e) pianiste-a pianist
un(e) tromboniste-a trombonist
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