French Phrases: French titles of scientists and researchers

The French job titles on this page refer to researchers and scientists in various fields. As you'll see, the good news is that most of these words are very similar to their English counterparts. The main thing to watch for is that some words have the ending -ogue rather than -ogiste (and in a few cases, both forms are possible).

 French jobs index

un chercheur-a researcher
un(e) anthropologue-an anthropologist
un(e) anthropologiste-an anthropologist
un(e) biochimiste-a biochemist
un(e) biologiste-a biologist
un(e) chimiste-a chemist
un(e) égyptologue-an egyptologist
un(e) électronicien(ne)-an electronic engineer
un(e) ethnologue-an ethnologist
un(e) linguiste1-a linguist
un(e) métallurgiste-a metallurgist
un(e) paléontologiste-a paleontologist
un(e) paléontologue-a paleontologist
un(e) physicien(ne)-a physicist
un(e) psychologue-a psychologist
un(e) zoologiste-a zoologist
un(e) zoologue-a zoologist
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1. In older texts, sometimes written linguïste.

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