French-English Business Glossary

The following is a list of various French business terms and phrases taken from the main French dictionary. The terms cover fields such as commerce, finance, administration, marketing etc.

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AA nf (Finance) (notation) ~ AA (rating), double-A (rating)
AAA nf (Finance) (notation) ~ AAA (rating), triple-A (rating)
abandon nm (Finance, Jur etc) relinquishment, yielding (of rights);

(Finance) ~ d'actif yielding of assets; (Finance) ~ d'actions renunciation of shares; (Finance) ~ de l'option relinquishment of the option

abandonner vt (Business, Politics) to shelve, axe a project
abandonner vt (Finance) ~ l'option to relinquish the option; (Finance) ~ des actions to renounce shares
abattement nm (Finance) reduction, abatement
abondement nm (Finance) employer's contribution (to company saving scheme)
abonné nm (Internet) subscriber
abonnement nm (Internet) account, subscription (auprès de, with)
abonner vr (Internet) to subscribe, sign up (à, to, auprès de, with)
abri nm (Finance) ~ fiscal tax shelter
absorber vt (Commerce, Finance) to take over a company
absorption nf (Commerce, Finance) takeover
absorption-fusion nf (Commerce, Finance) merger
accaparer vt (Commerce) to corner, capture a market
accès nm (Internet) access
accident nm (Business) ~ du travail industrial accident, industrial injury
accidenté nm (Administration) industrial injury victim
accommodement nm (Finance) adjustment, reimbursement
accord nm (Business, Politics) agreement
accord nm (Finance) settlement, arrangement
accrédité a (Business etc) accredited
accréditer vt (Business) to accredit someone (auprès de, to)
accréditif a (Business) accreditive
accumulation nf (Commerce) stockpiling
accusé nm (Commerce) acknowledgement; ~ de réception (delivery) acknowledgement, delivery confirmation (also Internet)
accuser vt (Commerce) ~ la réception de qch to confirm receipt of sth, acknowledge receipt of sth
achat nm (gen, Commerce) purchase
acheminement nm (Commerce) forwarding, dispatching
acheminer vt (Commerce) to forward, dispatch goods, a parcel
acheter vt (Commerce) to buy, purchase
acheteur nm (Commerce) buyer, purchaser
acompte nm (Commerce) initial, one-off deposit
acquérir vt (Commerce, Finance) to acquire, purchase, buy
acquisition nf (Finance, Commerce) acquisition
acquit nm (Finance) receipt
acquittement nm (Finance) payment, settlement
acte nm (Administration) formal acknowledgement, printed, official deed, certificate
acte nm (Commerce) deed, certificate
acteur nm (fig, Commerce) player
actif nm (Finance) assets, credits
actif nm (Administration) person in work
action nf (Marketing, Commerce) campaign, drive
action nf (Finance) share
actionnaire nmf (Finance) shareholder
actionnariat nm (Finance) shareholders
actualiser vt

(Finance) cash-flow actualisé discounted cash flow

administrateur nm (Business) director, administrator
administration nf (Business) management, administration
adopter vt (Administration) to carry, adopt
adresse nf (Business) address
adresse nf (Internet) ~ IP/URL IP/URL address
ADSL n (Internet, Telecomms) l'~ ADSL
aéronef nm (Administration) aircraft
affacturage nm (Jur, Finance) factoring
affaire nf (Business) business, concern, venture
affaire nf (Commerce) deal
affaires nfp (Business) business
affranchir vt (Administration) to stamp, put a stamp on
affranchissement nm (Administration) stamping, franking (of mail)
AGA nf (Finance, Business) registered management and accounting association
agence nf (Commerce) agency, office
agent nm (Commerce, Business, Politics) agent
aggloméré a (Administration) dense population
agréé a (Commerce) authorised dealer, agent
aide nf

(Business) ~ à la décision decision support

ajournement nm (Business) adjournement
ajourner vt (Business) to adjourn a meeting
Aléna nm (Business, Politics) North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA
allocation nf (Administration, Jur) allowance
allouer vt (Administration) to allocate funds, time (à, to)
aménagement nm (Business, Politics) development
amendement nm (Business, Politics) amendment
amont nm (Commerce, Comput etc) upstream, above stream
analyse nf

(Business) ~ des besoins needs analysis; (Finance) ~ conjointe conjoint analysis, trade-off analysis; (Finance) ~ des coûts cost analysis; (Finance) ~ coût-profit, ~ des coûts et rendements cost-benefit analysis; (Finance) ~ économique economic analysis; (Business) ~ des forces et faiblesses strengths and weaknesses analysis; (Business) ~ des forces, faiblesses, opportunités et menaces SWOT analysis; (Business, Marketing) ~ de marché market analysis, market survey; (Commerce, Marketing) ~ des marchés market research; (Commerce) ~ des médias media analysis; (Commerce) ~ des opportunités et des menaces opportunity and threat analysis; (Finance) ~ du prix de revient cost analysis; (Business) ~ par segment cluster analysis; (Business) ~ sectorielle cross-section analysis; (Comput, Business) ~ de système system analysis; (Business, Finance) ~ des tendances trend analysis; (Business) ~ du travail job analysis; (Marketing) ~ des ventes sales analysis

analyste nmf (Comput, Business) ~ de systèmes systems analyst; (Marketing) ~ du marché market analyst; (Marketing) ~ des médias media analyst
animation nf (Commerce) product promotion ~ commerciale marketing campaign, marketing promotion
année nf

(Finance, Business) ~ budgétaire, ~ comptable financial year; (Business) ~ civile calendar year; (Finance) ~ d'exercice financial year; (Finance) ~ d'imposition tax year; (Finance) ~ de référence base year

annonce nf (Commerce) ~ (publicitaire) advert, advertisement
annoncer vt (Finance) to announce, report results
annonceur nm (Commerce) advertiser
annuler vt (Administration, Business) to cancel, call off a meeting
anticipé a (Administration) advance, early payment
antihausse a (Finance) anti-inflation measures
appel nm

(Marketing) ~ à froid cold call

approcher vt (Commerce) to approach a job candidate
appui nm (Finance) backing
arbitrage nm (Finance) arbitration
arrêt nm (Business) leave
arrêt nm

(Commerce) ~ de livraisons suspension of deliveries; (Finance) ~ de paiements suspension of payments

arrêté nm

(Finance) ~ de compte statement of account

arriéré nm (Business) backlog (of work)
arriéré nm (Finance) arrears, amount overdue
arriéré nm (Finance) back payment
arriérer vt (Finance) to defer payment
arrivage nm (Commerce) consignment, delivery
article nm (Commerce) item, article (frm)

(Internet etc) art ~ ASCII art

assemblée nf (Business) meeting
association nf

(Commerce) ~ de consommateurs consumer council

association nf (Business) partnership
associé a (Business) associate member
associé nmf (Business) partner, associate
associer vt (Business) ~ qn à une entreprise to make sb a partner of a business
associer vr (Business) to join together, form a partnership
assujetti a (Business, Finance) ~ à subject to regulations
assurable a (Finance) insurable
assurance nf (Finance) insurance
assurance-chômage nf (gen, Finance) unemployment insurance
assurance-crédit nf (Finance) credit insurance
assurance-incendie nf (Finance) fire insurance
assurance-maladie nf (gen, Finance) health insurance
assurance-vieillesse nf (gen, Finance) pension scheme
assurer vt (Finance) to insure goods (contre, against)
assureur nm (Finance) insurance broker, insurance company
assureur-conseil nm (Finance) insurance consultant
audit nm (Finance, Business) audit
auditeur nm (Finance, Business) auditor
augmentation nf (Business, Finance) ~ de salaire pay rise, pay increase, salary increase
autofinancé a (Commerce) self-financed, funded from cashflow
autofinancement nm (Commerce) self-financing, financing from cashflow
avance nf (Finance) advance, advance payment, up-front payment
avantage nm (Finance) benefit
avertissement nm (Administration) notice, warning
avis nm (also Internet) à mon humble ~ in my humble opinion
avis nm (Finance) advice;

(Finance) ~ d'appel (de fonds) call letter; (Finance) ~ de crédit credit advice; (Finance) ~ de débit debit advice; (Stock Exchange) ~ d'exécution contract note; (Finance) ~ d'imposition tax assessment; (Finance) ~ de mise en recouvrement notice of assessment; (Stock Exchange) ~ d'opération sur titres contract note; (Finance) ~ de paiement payment advice; (Finance) ~ de prélèvement direct debit advice; (Finance) ~ de rejet notice of insufficient funds (on a rejected cheque); (Finance) ~ de remise remittance advice; (Finance) ~ de retrait notice of withdrawal; (Finance, Stock Exchange) ~ de virement transfer advice

avoir nm (Finance) assets, resources

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