Practise saying some in French: du, de la and des

On this and the next page you can practise saying some in French with du, de la and des.

How to complete the exercise

On each line, you'll be asked to translate a phrase into French, such as some chocolate. In each case, you need to decide if the French word is masculine or feminine. If it's masculine, then you need to use du for the word some; if it's feminine, you need to use de la.

For example, if the English says some cheese, then you need to:

  • think or find out (by clicking the "vocabulary" button to the left of the questions) what the French is for cheese;
  • decide if that word is masculine or feminine (when you click the "vocabulary" button, words that are feminine are marked with (f); the others are masculine);
  • in this case, it's masculine, so put du followed by the word— so some cheese in French is du fromage;
  • if the word was feminine, we'd put de la instead of du— for example, some jam would be de la confiture because confiture is feminine.


On the next page, we expand the exercise on saying some in French to include plurals. We also practice forming "full" sentences.

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