Past participles of other French verbs

On previous pages, we saw that the perfect tense of -er verbs is formed using a past participle ending in .

For other types of verbs, the past participle is generally formed in a different way.

The form of the past participle generally depends on the ending of the infinitive, as shown in the following table:

Infinitive endingPast participle endingExamples
-ercommencer > commencé
donner > donné
aller > allé
-ir-ifinir > fini
salir > sali
dormir > dormi
sortir > sorti
-re-uvendre > vendu
rendre > rendu
avoireu(This verb only.)
êtreété(This verb only.)
-ire-itdire > dit
traduire > traduit
conduire > conduit
suffire > suffit
faire > fait
écrire > écrit
Exception: rire > ri, sourire > souri
-enir-enuvenir > venu; tenir > tenu; plus their derivatives.
-ouvrir-ouvertouvrir > ouvert; couvrir > couvert; Derivatives of these.
-aître-uapparaître > apparu; connaître > connu
-oire-uThese verbs and (rare) derivatives: boire > bu, croire > cru
prendreprisThis verb and its derivatives: reprendre > repris
mettremisThis verb and its derivatives: transmettre > transmis; permettre > permis
naîtreThis verb and its derivative: renaître > rené
vivrevécuThis verb and derivatives:survivre > survécu

Here are some less common endings and verbs:

Infinitive endingPast participle endingExamples
-indre-intpeindre > peint
joindre > joint
atteindre > atteint
battrebatturebattre > rebattu; débattre > débattu
croîtrecrûaccroître > accrû; décroître > décru
vêtirvêtu(This verb and derivatives.)
foutrefoutu(This verb only.)

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