Practise the imperfect tense of -er verbs

On this page, you can practise the imperfect tense of regular -er verbs.

  • Click on one of the blanks in the grid below and type the correct form of the verb.
  • Put the appropriate pronoun (je, tu etc).
  • Where specified, take care to note whether the required form is masculine or feminine, singular or plural.
  • Press return after typing each answer to see if it's correct or not.
  • When you've gone through all of the 10 questions, you can click 'New Questions' for some more!

The verbs you will be asked to use will be from the following list:

donner to giveaider to help
aimer to likearriver to arrive
demander to ask (for)travailler to work
crier to shoutpasser to pass
coller to stickcopier to copy
cuisiner to cookregarder to watch

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N.B. In this exercise, for singular 'you', the tu form is required, and vous for the plural.

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